Food Distribution:

Multiple Food Distribution companies are using PURE Hard Surface following suggested SOPs to meet FSMA required cleaning and sanitizing guidelines. Evaluation was conducted at a Food Distributor location in Florida during the summer months. A cleaned and sanitized trailer, using old SOPs was brought to the PURE team. APC swabs were pulled as control samples prior to treating with PURE Hard Surface. The 53 foot trailer was misted for 4 minutes and APC swabs were taken immediately following application, 5 days later and 15 days later without any further remediation. This truck was in use daily delivering produce.


Initial APC counts prior to PURE Hard Surface application (on a cleaned and sanitized trailer) were 842,630 CFU. APC counts following the initial 4 minute application of PURE Hard Surface were 700 CFU. After returning to use, testing at five days following application, APC was 7,600 CFU and fifteen days following application, APC was 41,600 CFU.