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Food Processing

Poultry Processing Facility; Kill Room Efficacy:

Environment in kill room consistently tested positive for Salmonella and E.coli with APC counts in the millions (1.5 -2.75 x 106). PURE Hard Surface was applied to a cleaned wall adjacent to line, where highest counts were recorded.


After application of PURE Hard Surface, there were consistently low bacterial counts with reductions ranging from 3-6 log. Testing at a 10-day mark remained negative for Salmonella and only 9 CFU for E. coli.

Ready to Eat (RTE) Meat Processing Facility; Slicing and Sauce Blend Operation:

The processing environment in this RTE facility had consistent positive tests for Listera and E. coli. PURE Hard Surface was applied at pre-operation and shift change to multiple food contact surfaces of food processing equipment and food packaging equipment.


After four (4) days of twice daily application of PURE Hard Surface, Listeria and E. coli counts on treated surfaces were negative and the plant was able to maintain these results during future operation.

Specialty Ready to Eat (RTE) Facility; Entire Operation:

Plant was shut down by FDA for Listeria contamination throughout facility. PURE Bioscience was called in for remediation. Facility was cleaned and sanitized (disinfected) using PURE Bioscience SOPs with PURE Hard Surface.


The FDA pulled 300 environmental swabs from throughout facility following remediation with PURE Hard Surface and could not find a single positive test for Listeria contamination. (published – James Marsden)

Food Preparation/Food Service:

National Quick Serve Restaurant Chain (QSR); Three Month Evaluation in Multiple Locations:

A multi-site evaluation was conducted at a Quick Serve Restaurant chain. PURE Hard Surface replaced the current sanitizer without change of corporate in-store SOPs, in the kitchen, food preparation and dining areas. During the three-month evaluation, control stores were tested concurrently using the current chain sanitizer. Corporate protocol stated that APC counts higher than a specific level were considered to be a reportable “incident”.


APC samples taken from control locations where the sanitizer remained unchanged observed reportable incidents in 25% on average. Locations using PURE Hard Surface observed reportable incidents in only 0.9% on average of APC samples taken.

National Restaurant Chain; Two Month Evaluation in Multiple Locations:

PURE Hard Surface replaced the current sanitizer without changing corporate in-store SOPs in multiple restaurant locations. Use at the bar, food preparation areas and dining areas of this restaurant chain was evaluated for two-months. Control stores were tested concurrently using the standard sanitizer.


APC swab results of the locations using the standard sanitizer showed an average count of 8,985 CFU with only 10% of all swabs testing negative for growth. The APC swab results of the locations using PURE Hard Surface showed an average count of 30 CFU with 93% of all swaps being negative – NO GROWTH.

Hospital/Health Care:

Multi-State Assisted Care Living Facilities; Multiple locations:

Evaluations were conducted comparing standard cleaning and sanitization of various surfaces within three Assisted Care Living Facilities followed by application of PURE Hard Surface. Following standard cleaning and sanitizing SOPs, APC swabs were taken and enumerated as control samples. PURE Hard Surface was then applied according to PURE Bioscience SOP (mist surfaces, do not wipe) and APC swabs were taken again for evaluation.


Control swabs showed a combined total count after standard cleaning and sanitizing of 383,700 CFU for the three test facilities. PURE Hard Surface Evaluation swabs showed a combined total count of 1,380 CFU for the three test facilities - >99% reduction.

Prison Hospital:

A California State Prison Hospital in Stockton, California, experienced continued outbreaks of MRSA and Norovirus. PURE Bioscience SOPs were instituted for cleaning and disinfecting the 2,951 bed facility.


After implementation of PURE Hard Surface, following the suggested SOPs, the prison hospital has had NO MRSA or Norovirus outbreaks for 6 years counting.


Food Distribution:

Multiple Food Distribution companies are using PURE Hard Surface following suggested SOPs to meet FSMA required cleaning and sanitizing guidelines. Evaluation was conducted at a Food Distributor location in Florida during the summer months. A cleaned and sanitized trailer, using old SOPs was brought to the PURE team. APC swabs were pulled as control samples prior to treating with PURE Hard Surface. The 53 foot trailer was misted for 4 minutes and APC swabs were taken immediately following application, 5 days later and 15 days later without any further remediation. This truck was in use daily delivering produce.


Initial APC counts prior to PURE Hard Surface application (on a cleaned and sanitized trailer) were 842,630 CFU. APC counts following the initial 4 minute application of PURE Hard Surface were 700 CFU. After returning to use, testing at five days following application, APC was 7,600 CFU and fifteen days following application, APC was 41,600 CFU.