Dolana Blount

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Product Development

Dolana Blount is our Vice President, Technology Development and Regulatory Affairs. She also has served in many other roles since joining our company in 1998. Ms. Blount is responsible for coordination of technologies in new product development, manufacturing oversight and quality assurance management, GMP/GLP regulations, design of protocols for custom studies and ensures and enforces compliance with regulatory guidelines. Ms. Blount also oversees our company’s intellectual property portfolio and customer service. In addition to microbiology, Ms. Blount has an extensive background in government regulatory issues, including EPA, FDA and DOT submissions, maintenance, compliance and reporting. Prior to joining our company, Ms. Blount spent 7 years as the Chemical Compliance Coordinator and Safety Officer for Soldemer Incorporated, a warehousing and ground transportation company. Ms. Blount earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from University of California, San Diego, and has managed several post-graduate research projects.