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Food Service and Hospitality

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Proper cleaning and sanitizing in food service operation is critical. Whether you are operating a full service restaurant or a quick service operation, food quality and safety is a top priority. PURE’s SDC-based products provide effective, easy to use solutions that meet your cleaning and sanitizing standards and allow you to focus your efforts on serving your customers while offering an improved customer experience.

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PURE Bioscience Solutions at Work in Food Service

PURE® Hard Surface has demonstrated dramatic improvement in sanitation compared to traditional quaternary ammonia based sanitizers in a variety of food service operations. In store testing of PURE Hard Surface on critical food contact areas resulted in an impressive 96% improvement in efficacy - leading to a significant reduction in food safety risk. Employees consistently expressed preference for PURE Hard Surface attributes including ease of use, odorless and no skin irritation.

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Products for Food Service

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PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant

A powerful and easy-to-use disinfectant and EPA-registered food contact surface sanitizer.

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PURE Multi-Purpose  Cleaner

A non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaner used in sanitation practices where high-foaming cleaners aren’t desirable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can PURE Hard Surface be used on food contact surfaces?

PURE Hard Surface is approved for use on surfaces which come in contact with food without the need for rinsing the surface. PURE Hard Surface is also listed on the NSF Non-Food Compounds list as a Category D2 disinfectant.

Will PURE Hard Surface leave a small or a taste in the food we serve?

PURE Hard is odorless and will not impart odor or taste to foods in contact with treated surfaces.

What is the difference between disinfection and sanitization? Why is disinfection better?

Contrary to popular belief, disinfection is better than sanitization for treatment of hard surfaces. According to the US EPA, surface disinfectant products are subject to much more rigorous testing requirements and must clear a higher bar for effectiveness than sanitizers. In addition, there are currently no sanitizer-only products that have approved viral claims. Even though a product may ‘sanitize’, hundreds of pathogenic organisms can remain on the surface, exposing people to these disease-causing organisms. Many products claim 30 second sanitization, but PURE Hard Surface offers 30 second disinfection. In addition, PURE Hard Surface is EPA registered for use as a no rinse sanitizer on food contact surfaces, which requires a 99.999% reduction of the specified organisms within 30 seconds.

Do you have a test strip that can measure the product concentration?

We do offer a test strip to read the silver concentration of PURE Hard Surface. PURE Hard Surface is a ready-to-use product that is not diluted on-site prior to use. Before the product reaches you, we have tested the lot to ensure it meets our registered specifications. You can access the Certificate of Analysis in the Resources section.

What is the best way to apply PURE Hard Surface?

Most commonly, PURE Hard Surface is applied as a fine spray. This ensures that our ready-to-use technology gets adequate coverage as efficiently as possible. Therefore, saving you time and money when treating the surfaces in your facility. If you have any questions on the surfaces you would like to treat, please get in touch with the PURE team. With decades of experience in the food industry we have come up with many applications to treat most surfaces.

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