Scott Harris, Ph.D., MSPH

Scientific Advisory Board

Scott Harris, Ph.D., MSPH was appointed to our Scientific Advisory Board in August 2020. Dr. Harris is the Associate Director of EHS Services in the Austin, Texas office of GDS Associates and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Utah and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. His experience spans 30 years of EHS management and Type 1 disaster management across general industry, federal and state government, consulting and university instruction. Dr. Harris received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science, with a specialization in Disaster and Emergency Management, from Oklahoma State University and holds degrees in Geology and Public Health from Western Kentucky University. He is recognized as a national expert in preparedness and response management and is a sought-after speaker and writer on workplace risk management and disaster preparedness and response. A former U.S. EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator, Dr. Harris held key roles in nationally significant response efforts including Space Shuttle Columbia, the Macdona, Texas chlorine derailment (largest chlorine transportation release in U.S. history), Hurricane Katrina NOLA water search and rescue and Murphy Oil. In 2010, he served as a Planning Specialist embedded with the U.S. Coast Guard preparing the Florida Keys for oil impact from BP Deepwater Horizon and later as the Planning Section Chief for the Enbridge Energy Pipeline release near Marshal, Michigan. As Deputy Incident Commander, he supported the USDA Green Team for their 2015 Hi-Path Avian Influenza response in Iowa. He is currently on assignment to the FAA advising them on national COVID-19 pandemic mitigation and response measures.