Tom Myers

Executive Vice President Technology and Development

Tom Myers is our Executive Vice President Technology and Development and has served as a member of the Board since January 2021. He also has served in many other roles since joining our company in 2011. In his various roles, he has led the implementation and application of our silver di-hydrogen citrate (SDC) technology in customer facilities through problem identification and solution development, custom protocol development and training. Mr. Myers has over 40 years of food industry experience focusing on operations management, quality control and assurance, research and development, product and process development, plant design and construction, food safety and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining our company, Mr. Myers served as the President and Principal of Idaho Milk Products, where he built a $105 million green field dairy proteins plant and launched a worldwide business with revenues in excess of $200 million annually. Mr. Myers also has held executive management roles at Weider Nutrition International, Puritan Quartz Pharmaceuticals, FruitSource Associates and FruitSource Confections, Nancy’s Specialty Foods, Izaki Glico and Berkshire Hathaway Corporation (See’s Candies and See’s Candy Shops). Mr. Myers holds a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Long Beach.